When Your Ex Says Something That You Feel Is Disrespectful

When your ex says or does something that you feel is disrespectful, unfair or selfish it is natural to want to react immediately with anger. There is nothing wrong with getting angry, everyone gets angry from time to time, but when you immediately react with anger, most of the time you end up making things worse. An angry reaction never makes anything better, except maybe a temporary release of emotion.

Before you respond, take a few minutes to consider what’s causing your anger. Does the situation have another perspective? Can you do anything to make the situation better? Focusing on what’s causing your anger can help neutralize anger and help you express how you feel calmly and respectfully.

If necessary, consider asking people you trust and feel emotionally safe what they think. Seeing things from many different perspectives can help you see things in ways you may not have seen yourself.

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