Do Dismissive Avoidants Miss You After A Break-Up? (VIDEO)

Dismissive avoidants in general do not pursue someone. They see reaching out first as pursuing which is why they do not reach out first. They also do not reach out because they don’t want to put themselves in a position where they feel unpleasant emotions.

If a dismissive avoidant reaches reach out first, it is because they:

  1. Had developed a strong emotional attachment to you
  2. View the relationship to have been relatively good (not many arguments or fights)
  3. Felt you understood and respected their need for space
  4. Heard something bad happened to you and they think they should show support
  5. Want sex
  6. Are having a hard time meeting someone as good as you

In the video are practical things you can do to attract back your dismissive avoidant ex.


Dismissive Avoidant Ex: You Want Me But Maybe I Don’t Want You

Dismissive Avoidant: I Don’t Want to Be In A Relationship Right Now

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