Email coaching and support is a way for me to provide you with 24 hours 5 days a week guidance and advice between phone sessions.

  • Send me progress updates.
  • Ask me questions and feedback on where things are and if you need to change approach/do things differently.
  • Send me text chats for a second set of eyes and objective insight.
  • Send me drafts of texts or emails responses to review, edit and improve for emotional connection and response effectiveness.

How email support works:

1. Start of support:

Email support begins after our first phone session of the package and ends with our last phone session.

2. One at a time:

To avoid advice overlap, please wait for a response before you send me another email (unless it’s really urgent). This includes any attachments.

3. Response time:

I try as much as possible to respond to your emails within minutes or a few hours depending on the day’s appointments. But on really busy days, I make sure I respond within 24 – 48 hours (during week days).

4. Weekends:

I do not read/respond to emails on weekends and (Canadian) holidays. I read and respond to emails all week and like everyone, I too need a little “me – time” from time to time to unwind and re-charge. So please NO EMAILS on weekends (unless really urgent and can’t wait until Monday).

5. Email Length:

No more than a paragraph or two is much appreciated. Shorter emails get a faster responses because I can respond to them between appointments. With longer emails, you will have to wait until after 10 p.m. or before 10 a.m. the next morning or couple of days if the email is really long.

6. Correspondence from past:

If you have emails or texts that you couldn’t figure out what they meant at the time but looking back think they might have something to do with how your ex is responding or reacting towards you, I’ll look through them and see if there is a connection and advice you on how to move forward or ‘course correct’. Please send one at a time.

7. Fears and anxiety:

I try as much as time allows to be the secure base provider that is consistently available to you in a meaningful and authentic way. My personal belief is that if I can accurately reflect back to you your emotional experience in a way that makes you feel understood, and with the work you are doing on yourself, you will be less anxious and freer to experiment your new behaviours and a securely attached way of relating with others, especially your ex.

However, if you suffer from anxiety, there is only so much I can do as a coach. It’s best to work with a Therapist who can provide you the emotional support and tools for managing anxiety, so you and I can focus on the business of attracting back your ex.

If you do not want to hire a therapist, I recommend my book, It’s Just A Break-Up help deal with your thoughts and emotions about the break-up.