Some exes need more contact, constant validation and connection to feel wanted, loved and in love. Others need you to contact them less, stay connected but do your ‘own thing’ and give them a lot of space to avoid feeling overwhelmed and triggering a flight response.

Figuring out what your ex needs, giving them what they need while at the same time getting your own needs met, and creating the environment for love, trust, connection, respect, a sense of safety and security to happen naturally and organically is my specialty. I have over 20 years’ experience and by now, I know what works to create attraction and lasting love – and what doesn’t!

Giving love a chance is not just what I do, it’s my life’s purpose.

My education and training in Psychology, “global citizen” experience working with all people, African – Canadian cultural background, steadfast belief in love and commitment to giving love an honest chance uniquely positions me to assess the dynamics of each relationship including different attachment styles, personality differences, age differences, cultural differences, childhood traumas, long distance challenges, etc., and give the best advice.

Whether you prefer to have an action plan for the next two months or prefer to go with the flow, I will work with what is uncomfortable for you (see what plan is best for your situation).

Because I am results-oriented and so-hands on, expect to be trying out new ideas and new ways of being, thinking and acting from the first coaching session. And with the constructive feedback that I provide, you’ll always feel confident you’re on the right track.

With us working together as a team with one goal in mind, we can do the seemingly impossible.

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