7 Warning Signs A Fearful Avoidant May Not Be Coming Back (VIDEO)

Some of the warning signs discussed in the video are things a fearful avoidant needs to do for themselves, and if they don’t, at some point you will have to decide whether it is worth it to keep trying to get back together or accept the fact that as badly as you want things to work, moving on is a smarter choice, especially if your ex knows that they’re avoidant and refuse to do anything about it.

But before you take that step, make sure that your own attachment style is not making things look worse than they are and harder than they should be. Work on becoming more secure so that you are able to make things work even if your ex doesn’t change.

While you work on becoming more securely attached, there are things that you can do or avoid that create a safe environment that will make a fearful avoidant want to try things again.

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