When You Shouldn’t Actively Try to Attract Back Your Ex

Trying to actively attract back your ex soon after a break-up may not a wise decision for someone with attachment anxiety. It may be best to keep the lines of communication open so you don’t grow further apart but not try to actively get back together.

How will you know that you are ready to actively try to get back your ex?

You feel more securely attached. You may not be all the way there but you:

1. Are less conflicted about whether or not to keep trying and feel more motivated to get back together.

2. Are more realistically optimistic about your chances based on the progress you are making.

3. Feel less stress and/or less frustrated when things don’t go as you expect.

4. Have a more positive view of your ex as having good intentions and trustworthy.

5. Have a more positive view of yourself ex as worthy of love and deserving of a healthy and fulfilling relationship.

The sooner you start taking care of you the sooner you can start actively trying to attract back you ex.

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