Take Back Control Of When And How You Get Back Together

Much of the helplessness and powerlessness many of us feel comes from focusing too much on the things we can not control or change (e.g. an ex having other priories over getting back together, an ex’s shortcomings or issues, an ex not responding the way we want and expect, someone new in your ex’s life, else in your ex’s life, etc).

Some of us try to follow our own instincts or wisdom, but time and time again, we find ourselves second-guessing and questioning our ability to know what is the right thing to do.

Others simply give up all control of the situation and allow their ex to call all the shots, and all they do is wait and react.

For others, there is a naive expectation that things will just happen on their own without them taking any action.

There are limits to the things you can control when trying to attract back your ex, but we always have a choice when it comes to taking responsibility for what happens to you. You don’t have to be helpless or powerless.

My approach to coaching, is not just to help you attract back your ex but also help you move from a passive to an active role in your reality. I help you take back ownership of yourself (what you say, what you do and how you react), actively participate in getting your voice heard and your needs met in the ‘new relationship” you are trying to create.

I care about what happens after you get back together as much as I care about you getting back together. No point in investing, so much emotion, effort, time and money into getting back together only to break-up a few weeks down the road.

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