Say “Thank You” When Your Ex Does Something Nice

Have you ever gone out of your way to say something nice or done something good for someone and they didn’t even say thank you. Not that you were expecting them to say thank you, but it would be nice if they did. It would make you feel appreciated and validated in some way.

Next time your ex says something nice or goes out their way to do something for you:

1) Say something, even a simple “Thank you”

This might seem obvious, but sometimes emotions get in the way and other times we don’t know whether we should (it’s an ex and the rules of engagement have changed). It’s fine to say ‘thank you”, just keep it simple.

2) Put the “you” in thank you

A face-to-face conversation is always, always better but that might not be possible, a thank you note, or text will do just as well. Put the “you” in the thank you by adding a simple sentence about what you love about them.

3) Don’t over do it

A ‘thank you” is supposed to be validating, but if you go over the top, it undermines it’s sincerity and authenticity. People know when you are kissing up, and it turns them off instead of feeling validated.

Small little gestures go a long way.

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