Save A Current Anxious-Avoidant Relationship

Finding out about attachment styles and realizing that the person you are dating or in a relationship is an avoidant can be a jarring experience. It’s like putting on reading glasses and realizing that you needed them but didn’t know you needed them. So many things that didn’t make sense before suddenly make so much sense. But the experience can also be overwhelming especially if you found out about attachment theory and attachment styles when the relationship is struggling, nearing breaking point and/or about to end.

What I’m really good at is understanding the unique dynamic between two people and help change the dynamic to where the relationship meets BOTH people’s attachment needs and BOTH people feel safe.

I can help put things into perspective, help you recognize your attachment style conflict patterns, show you how to de-escalate and defuse conflict, point out blind spots in your own behaviour, and guide you towards a better, secure and safer relationship.

What makes me different from many other get your ex back coaches is:

1) I do not believe in tricks or manipulation

I use attachment styles as a tool to provide safety, security, care, love; and for personal growth. There is that there is no manipulation, mind games or trickery. You will feel good about yourself knowing you approached things from a secure attachment, and an avoidant wants to be with you because they love you and not because you manipulated or tricked them into a relationship with you.

2) I help create safe and secure relationships 

I believe that a relationship is healthy, safe and secure only if both people feel their needs are met. I do not believe that if you have an anxious attachment that you should “give an avoidant all the space they need” and sacrifice your need for connection just to be with an avoidant. I also do not believe that if you are an avoidant you should be made to feel guilty for needing your space from time to time. Anxiously attachment need connection to feel safe while avoidants need space to feel safe, and both needs can be met within a relationship.

What I do is help you 1) create a healthy balance between connection and giving yourselves enough space to work through your individual issues, and issues in the relationship and 2) help you create clear and healthy boundaries that will help both of you feel safe.

3) I work with you to help you become more securely attached

I’m a relationship coach and not a personal development coach, meaning, I don’t specifically work on how to change your attachment style, instead I work with you to help you consistently model secure attachment  behaviours and practice being safe and providing safety in a relationship. You not only learn what secure thinking, feeling and behaviour is, you also get to practice it in real-world situations. Over time you find that you are becoming more and more secure in the way you perceive, emotionally process and respond to different experiences and situations.

4) I help you transform your relationship for the better

The focus of my work is not just to help you “get along”. My goal is to permanently end an anxious-avoidant dynamic by helping you approach things from a secure perspective so you can change an anxious-avoidant dynamic to a healthier and secure dynamic.

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about your ex’s attachment style and what you can do to successfully get back together; AND also answer any questions on how to become more secure in your thinking and responses, and gradually change your internal working model and attachment scripts.

5) In me, you have a coach, secure base and friend

I do my best to understand your relationship and attachment dynamics and keep you grounded so you are focused on the bigger picture and end game. My personal belief is that if I can accurately reflect back to you your emotional experience in a way that makes you feel understood and safe, you will be less anxious or less avoidant and freer to experiment your new behaviours and a securely attached way of relating.


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