How Long Does It Take Most Exes To Fully Open Up?

In the initial stages of contact, most exes want to keep some distance. Texts only, social media, messaging or some other “remote” mode of communications may be the only way you can have any conversations with them.

In my experience, fully re-opening lines of communication with your ex should take 2-4 weeks with an ex who is responsive and 1 – 2 months on average with an ex who is for some reason resistant. This time is from when your ex acknowledges your break-up acceptance text or email. It takes some people shorter and others longer to see more interest, engagement, initiating contact etc. What makes the biggest difference is the ‘break-up acceptance text or email”.

It is important that your ‘break-up acceptance text or email” be effective enough to even begin the process of re-opening the lines of communication. Your ex needs to feel that any contact with you is safe and will not hurt them further or cause problems in the future. Your ‘break-up acceptance text or email” needs to communicate this honestly, confidently (assertively) and safely. A ‘break-up acceptance text or email” that is too aggressive, too needy/timid or wishy-washy is worse than none. So put thought and emotion into an effective ‘break-up acceptance text or email”.


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