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6 X 60 Minutes Phone Sessions (use your sessions at your own pace). Monday – Friday 10 am – 10 pm ET. Weekends 2 – 7 pm ET. Includes email advice and coaching.

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The ‘Secure Attachment Approach” to attracting back your ex

Anxious attachment tells you that if you are not connected all the time, you’ll lose the other person. Avoidant attachment tells you that if you are connected all the time, you’ll lose yourself to the other person.

Secure attachment understands that a healthy balance of connection and space from the other is necessary for a strong bonding experience. Secure attachment is therefore the ability to stay connected/close while giving each other enough space to exercise your independence as individuals – without the fear of losing the other person or losing oneself.

I help you stay connected/close to your avoidant ex without triggering their fear of closeness and help avoidant exes feel safe enough to want connection and closeness.

The secure attachment approach allows things to develop slowly and steadily and for the new relationship to grow over time. The slow and steady build up to the new relationship also allows you to be able to correct anything that might go wrong without disrupting the whole process. Many of my clients make much progress quickly, feel more confident about their chances and end up back together with their ex.

The biggest difference working with me is that there is no manipulation, mind games or trickery. You will feel good about yourself knowing you approached things from a secure attachment, and your ex came back because they love you and want to be with you, and not because you manipulated or tricked them into coming back. And you’ll continue to feel confident in and with your relationship as you become more and more secure.

With the timeless package you are free to use your sessions as you wish with no time limit

Best for when things are moving too slowly and likely to take a while

I’m here to help you stay motivated, focused, positive, keep you on track and guide you through any roadblocks or concerns your ex has about getting back together.

Because this package has no time limit on when you should complete the phone sessions, you can use email support to ask me question, get advice and keep me updated, and ask for a phone call on need only basis. And if you decide to end coaching, you will be refunded for the unused phone sessions.

Practical for clients who want daily phone coaching

This package is also practical for clients who want daily phone coaching, especially in the beginning when undistracted focus is critical. Some of my outstanding results have been with daily phone calls.


This package includes email coaching. Email coaching and support is a way for me to provide you with 24 hours advice and guidance between phone sessions Monday – Friday.

With email coaching, you can:

  • Send me progress updates.
  • Send me text chats for a second set of eyes and objective insight.
  • Send me drafts of texts or emails responses to review, edit and improve for emotional connection and response effectiveness.
  • Ask me questions and feedback on where things are and if you need to change approach/do things differently.

Email support begins after our first phone session of the package and ends with our last phone session.

For more information on what to expect from email coaching and support, please read here


Coaching fees cover long distance phone charges landlines and mobile phones for Canada, USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia.

Please contact us for your specific country custom package if you are in Latin America, Middle East or Africa.


My work hours are 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday – Friday and 2 – 7 p.m. weekends.

After you complete payment, use our contact form to send me an email including a contact number and best day/time to call you.

Please do not send me your story/background information of your relationship. Once I receive your session set-up email, I will send you a brief outline of what to prepare for the session.


You have a choice to either schedule all your sessions on a specific day/time each week or request a session when you need it (Monday – Friday 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. EST and 2- 7 pm EST on weekends). To request a session, please send an email directly to the email address in our communications (no need to use the contact form again) at least 24 hours in advance of when you want us to talk (I am usually fully booked a day in advance) and include day, preferred times and tel. contact number.

I will respond in 6 hours max. but if you do not hear from me in 6 hours, something may be amiss. Maybe the email did not come through. Please send me a reminder email just to make sure.

Make sure you complete your sessions within the time specified for your package. If you need a little more time, let me know before your package expires and we can come to an agreement that works for both of us. There will be no extensions or refunds after your package has expired.


If you need to cancel a session give me at least 2 hours advance notice to schedule someone else for that slot. If no cancellation is received, I’ll call you at the agreed time and every 5 minutes after that at least 2 more times before charging you for the session. If you cancel the session 2 hours to the appointment, I’ll count the session as used because there is not enough time for me to schedule someone else for the slot.


If you decide to cancel your package, we’ll charge you for 1) used session(s) at the rate of the standard session package, 2) non refundable fee (covers PayPal transaction fee, currency exchange US to CAD, and site admin fee) of $150, and 3) email coaching at the rate of $25 per email response. The remaining balance will be refunded to your credit card or through PayPal.