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Schedule a one-off session in the next 1 – 3 days. Monday – Friday 10 am – 10 pm ET. Weekends 2 – 7 pm ET. Follow-up email advice and coaching is NOT included.

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The ‘Secure Attachment Approach” to attracting back your ex

Anxious attachment tells you that if you are not connected all the time, you’ll lose the other person. Avoidant attachment tells you that if you are connected all the time, you’ll lose yourself to the other person.

Secure attachment understands that a healthy balance of connection and space from the other is necessary for a strong bonding experience. Secure attachment is therefore the ability to stay connected/close while giving each other enough space to exercise your independence as individuals – without the fear of losing the other person or losing oneself.

I help you stay connected/close to your avoidant ex without triggering their fear of closeness and help avoidant exes feel safe enough to want connection and closeness.

The secure attachment approach allows things to develop slowly and steadily and for the new relationship to grow over time. The slow and steady build up to the new relationship also allows you to be able to correct anything that might go wrong without disrupting the whole process. Many of my clients make much progress quickly, feel more confident about their chances and end up back together with their ex.

The biggest difference working with me is that there is no manipulation, mind games or trickery. You will feel good about yourself knowing you approached things from a secure attachment, and your ex came back because they love you and want to be with you, and not because you manipulated or tricked them into coming back. And you’ll continue to feel confident in and with your relationship as you become more and more secure.

The one-off session is best for people who have questions they need answers to right away

You choose what you want help with – whether it’s what the next step are or how to speed things up – and I’ll deliver actionable steps and strategic advice specific to your situation or relationship. You’ll leave the session feeling confident about your next steps and/or decisions.

Schedule your session for the next 1 – 3 days (depending on availability). If you need help/advice in the next 1- 4 hours (or same day as payment), please consider purchasing a Priority Session instead.


Coaching fees cover long distance phone charges landlines and mobile phones for Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and Asia.

Please contact us for your specific country custom package if you are in Latin America, Middle East or Africa.


After you complete payment, use our contact form to send me an email including a contact number and best day/time to call you. Please use this subject line PRIORITY SESSION for quick and prompt action. We will get back to you within 1 – 4 hours to set up an appointment. If you do not hear from us within that time, please send us ONE more email just to make sure we didn’t miss the first one. If you still haven’t heard from us in 4 hours, it means we may be having problems with our email handler. Please be patient, do not send too many emails or call.

Also make sure to check the differences in time zones. I work from 10 a.m – 10 p.m EST weekdays and 2 – 7 p.m EST on weekends.


Please do not send me your story/background information of your relationship. Once I receive your session set-up email, I will send you a brief outline of how to prepare for the session.


This package covers phone time only. It does NOT include reading emails about your situation/background information before the phone session or emails requesting follow-up advice/situation updates after the phone session.

If you’d like to send me correspondences between the two of you or drafts of texts or emails responses that you think need my input and advice, progress updates for feedback on where things are etc., consider signing up for one of the on-going coaching packages.


If you need to cancel a session, give me at least 2 hours advance notice to schedule someone else for that slot. If no cancellation is received, I’ll call you at the agreed time and every 5 minutes after that at least 2 more times before charging you for the session. If you cancel the session 2 hours before the appointment, I’ll make a full refund. If you cancel less than 2 hours before the session, there will be no refund because it’s not possible for me to find someone to fill the time slot in less than 2 hours.