1. How can you help me?

Creating a secure healthy environment where love can grow and flourish is my specialty. I have over 20 years’ experience and by now, I know what works to create attraction and lasting love – and what doesn’t! Read as many of my articles as you can to familiarize yourself with my work and to judge for yourself if you can trust me to help you. Your trust means a lot to me and my ability to help you.

2. What should I know before I sign up for coaching?

I do not advice or encourage ‘no contact’. I prefer to work with people who have open lines of communication with their ex and I can step in and help strengthen connection and attraction. This is what I’m really good at. If you’re in ‘no contact’ or haven’t had any contact with your ex is over 2 weeks, it’s best for you to re-establish contact before signing up for coaching. I do not want to take your hard-earned money knowing too well that your ex may have moved on and doesn’t want anything to do with you. It’s not fair to you and it doesn’t make me feel good about the work I do.

3. What kind people do you work with?

I work with all people from all walks of life 18+ years old at any stage of trying to attract back their ex (re-establishing contact, connect emotionally, create momentum, take thing to the next level, the ‘let’s get back together” conversation, there is someone else etc).

4. Do you work with married couples too?

Yes, married people trying to attract back their spouse but NOT married people trying to get back someone they are cheating with – emotional or sexual affair. If you are separated but not divorced yet, please contact me with details about your circumstances before signing up for a session.

5. What would you recommend: phone coaching or your books?

It depends on what kind of information/help/support you need. Each person’s needs are different, and only you know what yours are.

Some people got their ex back using the advice in the eBook alone. Some people need individually tailored advice/support for their specific unique situation and sign up for coaching. People that have bought the eBook and signed up for coaching as well tell me they have more confidence going forward, and most get their ex back.

6. Do I need to have read your eBook to work with you?

No. But the session is more productive for you if you have read Dating Your Ex. Some of the questions you may have may already be answered in more detail in the eBook. This gives us more time to focus on where you need help the most.

For on-going coaching, I recommend getting my eBook as well. Things move a lot faster when you have Dating Your Ex and email support to keep you on track and moving forward.

7. We’re not broken up yet, can you help?

Yes. I’ll work with you on PROACTIVE MEASURE you can take to prevent the break-up from happening including, how to create a safe environment for open dialogue, explore your relationship problems from a new perspective, learn new ways to recognize and resolve conflicts, build trust etc.

8. Can I send you my story before signing up for coaching?

I run a very packed schedule and don’t have the time to read paragraphs/pages of a background story, let alone respond.

I’ll be asking you to fill me in on the background/history of your relationship during our phone conversation and will send you a brief outline of how to prepare for the session. Listening to your story in real time gives me a better insight into who you are and what kind of help you need.

9. Can I pay you for email coaching?

I do not offer email coaching on it’s own. As you may have noticed in my articles and general body of work, I am securely attached (and confident in my ability to provide advice and answers in-the spot), and email/electronic communication is somewhat emotionally detached (closeness-avoidant), and lacks the emotional component which is useful in understanding a client’s words and feelings beyond what they are saying/telling me. It’s just not the same as talking to someone even if just on the phone.

This and the fact that, we can cover a lot more in a 1-hour phone call than is possible in 60 emails.

What I offer instead is email support between phone calls (no extra charge) as part of the on-going coaching package.

10. What if I want something in between two packages?

I do not offer customized packages. We took into consideration a number of factors when designing our packages, and believe them to be reasonably structured and affordable.

11. Do you do Skype, Face time, Snapchat?

No. I run a very tight schedule and from experience, Skype etc, are not so reliable, and sometimes reception is very poor. I make calls to mobile or landline phones only.

12. Are phone sessions recorded?

No. The coaching relationship is built on trust and respect. I do not record our phone sessions and will not share any personal identifiable information you provide with anyone.

If you’d like to record our sessions, I recommend discussing your request to record coaching sessions before you sign up for coaching. As a reminder, the advice that I provide in our sessions is intellectual property that you can not post online or use for any other purposes without my written consent.

13. How do I start?

There are two simple steps to get started. The first step is to make payment via PayPal. The second step is to contact us via the contact form.

14. Will I receive a confirmation after I book a session?

Yes. After you complete payment, use our contact form to send me an email with your receipt number, contact number and best day/time to call you, and we will respond confirming day/time of your appointment. We’ll send you possible days/times for us to speak and ask you to confirm if it works for you. We’ll not call or charge you for the session if you have not confirmed.

15. What’s the best time to call you?

I prefer to call you. My packages are designed with long-distance charges included, so you don’t have to pay an extra charge for a call.

My work hours are 10 a.m. – 10 p.m. EST (Toronto time) on weekdays, and 2 – 7 p.m. EST (Toronto time) on weekends.

16. How effective are phone sessions?

Very effective. Coaching over the phone enhances both of our levels of focus as there are fewer distractions, allowing for deeper and more focused communications between the client and coach.

Phone sessions also avoid some of the miscommunication you find in written communication. Many of my clients tell me talking to me is like talking to your best friend, the only difference is I don’t sugar coat anything. It’s my job to help you, and sometimes that means being a little “too honest”.

17. Is coaching covered by my insurance?

Most likely not. But you will need to check with your individual insurance carrier to find out if this is something they cover.