Your Ex’s Feelings Can Change – There’s Always A Chance

When most people break up, they think that’s the end of the relationship. They are not thinking of getting back together right away or even in the future. Most do not think that they can feel differently, that the relationship can work or that things can be better.

They can’t see a way forward so they say they are never coming back and even tell you to move on. Even exes that say “may be we’ll get back together in the future” or “we’ll see what happens in two months” or “if it’s meant to be it’ll be” etc., are not promising that you’ll get back together. Rather, they are leaving the door open for all possibilities — including the possibility that you’ll go your separate ways.

Painful as it may be to admit, your ex your relationship probably would not have ended if your ex didn’t think they had very good reasons to end things, and if you ended the relationship, you must have had a good reason (at the time) to break-up with them. But since feelings can and do change, and many relationship problems can be worked on, there is always a chance that an ex can come back.

This is where I come in.

Many people trying to attract back their ex sabotage their chances by acting needy, desperate, distant/avoidant, angry or vengeful. This is the opposite of what you should be doing.

I’ll give you the best advice on how to approach contact, communication and connection, show your ex that you have changed, create attraction and the desire and motivation to get back together. Together we’ll create a strategy/plan of action, and through daily email support make sure that your contacts and actions are progressively moving you towards getting back with your ex.

Remember, it’s not over ‘til it’s over-OVER.

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