3 Things You Must Not Do When Your Avoidant Ex Opens A Little

It takes an avoidant (fearful and dismissive) ex an incredible amount of effort to open up, let alone trust anyone.

If your ex places even a small amount of trust in you, it means that a part of them still feels safe with you.

  • Don’t abuse the trust they have placed in you.
  • Don’t try to push for them to share more than they are comfortable sharing.
  • Don’t start asking questions about things they have previously hesitated to share with you.

Them opening up and sharing with you what they shared maybe a brief moment of vulnerability. Show them that you trust them to know what is safe for them to share with you. Maybe they will open up about something else or share more down the road, but for now, don’t push instead focus on showing them that you are safe and can be their go-to safe place to return to again and again.

The keyword here is “show”, not “tell”.


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